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First Comes Love, Then Comes Carpet, Next Comes…


Summary and A/N: So Tiny did it again…she replied to a post of mine (what’s below), and then the following fic happened. Unbeta’d.

tinyconfusion replied to your post:omg that gif .. that’s tentoo trying to comfort rose after she started crying cause maybe she won’t be a good mom and maybe he won’t want to be a dad cause they never did talk about it but now it’s happened and what are they going to do???

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It had been six months since Bad Wolf Bay, since being trapped in Pete’s World, since offering Rose the rest of his forever…since she had first crashed her lips to his. Sealing his fate in a yes that had caused his now singular human heart to nearly burst out of his chest.

The adjustment to his new life had been far from perfect. There had been arguments, misunderstandings, and enough fears and doubts from both of them to fill the console room of the TARDIS. The first time they were forced to make a joint decision on carpet (of all things) for the flat they were most definitely sharing, his eyes had bugged out of his head and he had dashed out the door. He had run until his calves ached and his lungs screamed for air, the steady thumping of his trainers on pavement calming his frantically beating heart. When he had returned two hours later, limping and muttering about rubbish human bodies, there had been yelling and shouting and harsh words flung from the depths of their anger and anxieties, with the sole intention to inflict harm.

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you make me happy when skies are grey

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so the gifset didn’t load correctly

woth the taste of your lops im on a rode

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George is clearly mad about his lovely Mummy.

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why is it so small

OMG It’s fucking gorgeous aw. 

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ahaha this always killed me.

this will always be the greatest thing. 


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"You don’t have to protect me. I’m not afraid. Please don’t shut me out again.”

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Raven was the original Nicki Minaj.

It’s like she saw the future or something


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I've changed my jumper.

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Is there any other way to go Daddy-O?